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Through Northwestern Mutual, I have access to a Network of Specialists. We help each other, share ideas and common values, and leverage each other's talents to help you achieve your personal dream of financial security.
Calvin D Biggers

Calvin D Biggers

Wealth Management Advisor

Little Rock, AR

Proudest personal achievement: Following God's direction as a husband and father!

Favorite thing about your job: Helping people - many who don't realize it

Couldn’t live without: My bible

Biggest fear: Not sure.  Perhaps fear for my family's wellbeing

Best place visited: Bermuda.  Its beauty, its people and nearness to the South and their people.

Greatest advice ever received: Live day by day - one day at a time

Mark Elliott Kull, CFP<sup>®</sup>, ChFC<sup>®</sup>, CLU<sup>®</sup>, CASL<sup>®</sup>, RICP<sup>®</sup>

Mark Elliott Kull, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CASL®, RICP®

Financial Advisor

Louisville, KY

Proudest personal achievement: Being baptized as an adult.

Favorite thing about your job: Helping people, plain and simple.

Couldn’t live without: Venti Americano each morning. Nothing says simple perfection like espresso and water.

Biggest fear: Health issues for loved ones.

Best place visited: Blackberry Farm in Tennessee.  It is heaven on earth. Very expensive, but for food and nature lovers it is nirvana.

Greatest advice ever received: I don’t know that it was specific, however my parents instilled a respect of your elders and to always listen to those in charge. This has led to any success I have ever had.

Timothy R Rice

Timothy R Rice

Financial Representative

Louisville, KY

Proudest personal achievement: My family

Favorite thing about your job: The opportunity to make an impact on someone with our ideas and solutions

Couldn’t live without: Coffee

Biggest fear: Roller coasters

Best place visited: We drove an RV to one of my youngest daughter's rodeos last year in Colorado and the whole family went.  We had a great time and make some great memories that we never will forget.

Greatest advice ever received: "If you focus on the process of what it takes to get the desired result you want and not the result itself, the result will be what you want."  This is true regardless of what you are trying to achieve.

Travis J. Falk, CLU<sup>®</sup>, CFP<sup>®</sup>

Travis J. Falk, CLU®, CFP®

Wealth Management Advisor

Columbus, OH

Proudest personal achievement: Marrying my wife Erica

Favorite thing about your job: Every day is different…meeting new people, learning new ideas, being involved in our clients’ lives as their world evolves, etc.

Couldn’t live without: my relationships-- with my wife, family, friends and business associates

Biggest fear: I don’t want to look back when I’m coming to my final days in life and think “I didn’t help enough, I didn’t love enough, I didn’t laugh enough, etc”

Best place visited: Key West…it’s where my wife and I got engaged and married (two different trips).

Greatest advice ever received: My father always said/says “The difference between success and failure is very thin, but that we can’t be afraid to fail because that’s how we learn to succeed…”

Tripp Kelly

Tripp Kelly

Financial Advisor

McLean, VA

Proudest personal achievement: It's rewarding when the clients I help daily feel strongly enough to refer me to others.

Favorite thing about your job: Personal connection. In today's fast-paced digital world it's easy to be "connected" yet sometimes hard to connect deeply with the human on the other end of an email. I have the privilege of meeting with my clients daily and guiding them as they achieve their personal goals. It doesn't get much better than that.

Couldn’t live without: My family. My wife, sons and bulldog send me off in the morning and are there to catch me when I land back on the home turf in the evening. They ground me. 

Biggest fear: Patrick Henry sums up my fear and my passion for freedom in his speech to the Virginia Convention in 1775: "Give me liberty or give me death."

Best place visited: My own backyard. I grew up in Newport News, VA with the James River in my backyard and it instilled a certain attitude of humbleness and appreciation for the resources right in my own backyard. While my current backyard is not the River (though I do see that in my future), we have an organic garden, fire-pit and bounce house. I'm hard pressed to find a backyard in our urban neighborhood with more belly laughing than ours.

Greatest advice ever received: “There’s always room for other honest, hardworking people at the top.” – an old friend Bill Saunders.


Scott Preston Underwood
Wealth Management Advisor

Socium Advisors


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